What is "Dogs In The House Prods" and how I work :

Engineering, producing, mixing and mastering for bands from Rock to Metal music.

I've been producing music since 2006 and I can either produce and mix a whole album or just produce either your vocals, bass or guitars.

You can check my Discography HERE.

I'm a pretty easy person to work with. If the atmosphere is good, the record can only be better. I don't have special working hours so I get used to yours for your own comfort. Being recording an album is something serious but it's not a military process. I work with humans, not robots. So if you're a cold stuborn bastard, please pass your way. Regarding the editing, I will ask the best of you before using any editing or tuning plug ins. Of course, the result is the most important. But you also have to be proud of yourself and able to reproduce on stage what you've delivered on an album. I've worked with guys such as Daniel Bergstrand (Meshuggah, Strapping Young Lad, in Flames..), Tue Madsen (Sick of it all, The Haunted, Rob Halford,..), Warren Riker (The Fugees, Santana, Down, Michael Jackson,..), Peter in de Betou (Dark Tranquillity, Dimmu Borgir, Katatonia,..), Chris Blair (Muse, Sting, UB40,..), etc.. and I've learned one thing: There's no perfect way to work. It all comes down to the relation between the producer and the band. That's why I'm all about the atmosphere during the recording of an album.

I'm also a photographer so I can shoot professional pictures of your band while recording for online studio reports, websites, etc.. and also shoot professional promo pics.

You can check some of my photographies HERE.

Where I work :

If you want me to produce an album, it can happen in the "Fucking Hostile Studio" in Nancy (France) or in "La Pharma'son Studio" in Paris (Montreuil, France) or anywhere else. If you want me to just mix or master an album or both, I will do it at my own place.

If you just want me to produce either vocals, bass or guitars, there is the "Dogs In The House Studio". It's my flying studio so I can move anywhere in a range of approximately 1000 kilometers around Paris (France) and around Copenhagen (Denmark) too.

Further than 1000 kilometers, you will have to fly me in.
Regarding what you want me to produce, I will provide you a list of the gear I can bring and a list of the gear I will need you to provide me or its equivalent. It's usually easy to make it work. You can fly me anywhere in the world as long as you speak english.

You can check a list of the available gear in my studio and in the studios I work with HERE.