Born in Evry (France) on may 12th 1978, Guillaume Bideau is a French singer, musician, author, composer, music producer, mixer and photographer.

Music :
Fascinated by artists such as Michael Jackson and Luciano Pavarotti, he spontaneously starts singing around the age of 6 years old.
Due to his parents’ jobs, he moves through France more than ten times from when he is born to the age of 10.
All this moving around allows him to enrich his culture and his knowledge in French geography.

The first CD he ever buys is "SEAL" from the artist SEAL. A few years later he discovers bands such as Rage Against the Machine, Midnight Oil, Guns ‘n Roses and Pantera.
Later in life, he describes these bands as having been some of his major musical influences throughout his youth.

At the age of 15, besides singing, he starts playing drums.
In his point of view, drums are the heart of all music. As he quickly improves his drums skills, his circle of acquaintances notices fast a predisposition to assimilate, compose and play music. Before he turns 17, he forms his first two groups with friends and they start performing on stage with covers and their own compositions.
During this period he is also the drummer of a progressive rock / metal band, but singing remains his domain of preference. At the age of 18, the idea of becoming a professional musician takes shape in his spirit. Only one year after he leaves his hometown for Nancy to follow the programme of Music Academy International to which he will also add a music production programme. During this education he meets some of the musicians with whom he starts working afterwards and they become his very good friends and band mates: Manu Livertout, Jean Bisello, Dirk Verbeuren, Francois Gay, Loic Colin, Phil Elter... Between 1999 and 2006, he joins Scarve (Listenable records), forms The Cube (Sony music), One-way Mirror (Metalblade) and sings on Manu Livertout's albums.
He also records vocals for several television films for TF1 channel (Main French channel) and other channels. His interest for guitar and bass grows and his friends Manu Livertout and Florent Elter help him to learn guitar rudiments. During these years, he tours in a rather extensive way with his bands. He also opens stage on tour with bands such as Nile, Clawfinger and Meshuggah. In another register, we attend the birth of Boy DamonT (FRP Prods), a heterogeneous band formed under the impulse of his good friend and drummer Francois Gay. Their good friends Manu Livertout, Jean Bisello and Amen Viana soon join the band. The band’s style is a mixture of funk, hip hop, rock and reggae. In 2005, In order to take the quality of his music to the next level and to be able to be more in control of the albums on which he participates, he decides to invest in a studio and in photography equipment. "Dogs in the House Prods" is born. In 2006, after having released three albums, he leaves Scarve to join the Danish band MNEMIC (Nuclear blast).
Since then, he has sung, co-composed, produced or co-produced a bunch of albums for / with his bands Mnemic, One-way Mirror, Boy DamonT and Manu Livertout Band. Headlining or opening on tour for acts such as Deftones, and Metallica, he tours every corner of the globe full speed. He also has the opportunity to share the stage with one of his favorite bands ever, Rage Against the Machine. Furthermore, by singing on the song "Closer to the Edge" he participates on the famous label Nuclear Blast's 20th anniversary album. In his continuation of a professional career, beside his own bands, he starts to produce music for various bands, working with genres from Rock to Death Metal Core and also makes appearances as guest singer on a lot of albums. In 2013 he creates STEREOBASTARDS with his musical brother Manu Livertout. It's a new step in his musical career because this time it's question of Electro rock pop music. They are preparing an album for 2014. Here you can check his complete discography.

Photography :
Since the age of 12 he's been attracted by photography but he knew it was a costy activity and as he was very young, he didn't want his parents to pay for the expensive gear and numerous films developments.
Plus, at that time, he doesn't know anyone sharing this same interest so he completely put this aside until he buys his first digital camera in 2002.
He instantly shows a big interest to high contrast photography.
Since then he has gotten more and more into photography and with the experience accumulated during all his trips and tours all over the world with his job, he decides in 2013, along with music, to do photography for living.

He likes to photography pretty much anything but strangely one of the things he likes the less is live concert photography.
He's more into artistic, semi-surreal landscapes, nature and promotional photos for different artists. He is preparing several expositions, a book and works on other projects.
Here you can check some of his photographies.